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The Mask of Ollock, by Robert F. Kauffmann [Paperback]
The epic poem meets fantasy in this original tale of an arrogant prince's treacherous rise to power. Called "a wonderful and distinctive fantasy" by M...

Calamity's Child: A Novel of the Frontier, by M. Keaton [Paperback]
Orphaned by a brutal raid on a colony ship, young Kylee is alone in the universe. But, she finds a new family: a bounty hunter, a psychopathic alien, ...

Return to Alastair, by L. A. Kelly
Once a feared mercenary, Tahn Dorn has abandoned his old ways and is building a new life. But his heart is still heavy. Though he has made peace with ...

The Scarlet Trefoil, by L. A. Kelly [Paperback]
The Trilett family and friends are preparing for the joyous celebration of Tahn and Nettaís wedding. But when returning from a party in her honor, Net...

Tahn, by L. A. Kelly [Paperback]
In a dark, medieval land, good and evil battle it out. Trapped between his master's evil commands and his persistent conscience that tells him to do o...

Ancestral Shadows: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales, by Russell Kirk [Hardcover]
Widely regarded as the founder of the modern conservative movement, Russell Kirk was a noted man of letters whose prodigious literary output included ...

Earth Is Not Alone, by John Knapp II [Paperback]
After a terrible tragedy, a parent-teacher-student confrontation leads to the discovery of two new worlds. This occurs in the "Susquehanna Territory" ...

The Sending, by Matt Koceich [Paperback]
Find the Garden of Eden or your family dies...

Mark practices a little-known form of ESP called remote viewing. He's able to leave his body behind...

Faith in Orbit: A Spaced Odyssey, by Mary Chambers, Doug Hall, Ed Koehler, Rob Portlock [Paperback]
Several of IVP's best cartoonists join forces to boldly go where church humor has never gone before, speculating on what shapes faith will take in an ...

The Silence: The End Is Near, by Jim Kraus [Paperback]
Global catastrophes throw the world into mass panic...and virtual silence. A solar storm burns communication satellites and computers. Earthquakes sha...

The High Priestess (Traveler #2), by Peter Krausche [Paperback]
No synopsis at Amazon, publisher's website, author's website as of July 7, 2007....

The Traveler, by Peter Krausche [Paperback]
On a mid-summer evening in an isolated area of Oregon's Deschutes National Forest, Philip Brannon meets and falls in love with a beautiful but mysteri...

The Rose of Sodom, by Katie Kuntz [Paperback]
In the future small bands of Christians will live in oppression under a One World Government that forces the beliefs of a New Age religion. As the wor...

Warriors of the Host: Soul Survivor, by Dan Laing [Paperback]
War in two realms results when by an act of disobedience, the missionaryís son, Mitch, and his friend Mugati fall into a raging river. During the fall...

The Last Day, by James Landis [Paperback]
"I meet Jesus on the day I get home from the war. Iím on the beach, but I donít know how I got here. My mind is as dark as the night. . . . I spend th...

The Gabon Virus, by Paul McCusker, Walt Larimore, M. D. [Paperback]
In 1666, a horrible disease took the lives of almost every person in Eyam (pronounced Eem), England. Helping the sick and the dying was the mysterious...

The Influenza Bomb, by Paul McCusker, Walt Larimore, M. D. [Paperback]
Masses of people are dying from a mysterious flu. While the TSI team searches for a cure, a notorious eco-terrorist group,R eturn to Earth, uses an in...

The Fall, by Kirsten Lasinski [Paperback]
Plagued by memories of the bizarre accident that killed his father, Morris Jackson often wonders if he's to blame. When he begins dreaming of the idyl...

Over the Edge : the Beginning, by Marilyn W. Lathrop [Paperback]
Reeser Peland, marsupial captain of the Aquillion, has been spied on through a stone! The supernaturally beautiful Chrysoliene, prized by Marsupian co...

Arthur, by Stephen R. Lawhead [Paperback]
An tale of love and loss, glory and grandeur, set in the twilight of Rome's power, where the Celtic chieftains of Britain battle to save their land fr...
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