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The Magicians World Trilogy, by Jeff Nesbit [Paperback]
Once, at the dawn of the earth, magicians of the highest order walked the planet. Now, a portal opens to their long-lost world...

Legends on earth ...

A Star Curiously Singing, by Kerry Nietz [Paperback]
If he fixes the robot, will he break his world?

In a future ruled by sharia law machines are managed by debuggers, who in turn are owned by master...

Animal Colony: An allegory for today's America, by Mark Andrew Olsen [Paperback]
At the dawn of a killer colonial winter, starving and desperate to live, a brave band of Animals escape the tyranny of their human Masters.

Led by...

The Assignment, by Mark Andrew Olsen [Paperback]
What if the Restrainer of II Thessalonians 2, the Holy Spirit who "holds back the lawless man until God takes him away," indwells a man who has lived ...

Rescued, by John Bevere, Mark Andrew Olsen [Paperback]
A father trapped in a terrible underwater accident. A son desperate to do something -- anything -- to save him. A digital read-out ticking down toward...

The Warriors, by Mark Andrew Olsen [Hardcover]
A failed recon mission deep in the tunnels of Afghanistan has provoked a demonic onslaught that had been brewing for centuries. The mission's sole sur...

The Watchers, by Mark Andrew Olsen [Hardcover]
Just below the surface among the family of God lives another family tree -- one traced in spirit, invisible and ageless, known as the Watchers. For tw...

Adrenaline, by John B. Olson [Paperback]
James Parker is searching frantically for a cure for muscular dystrophy. Though he is a brilliant biochemistry student with a promising career ahead, ...

The Fifth Man, by John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson [Paperback]
Valkerie Jansen has made the discovery of a lifetime—evidence of past life on Mars. But her personal life is coming unglued. Fellow astronaut Bob Kaga...

Oxygen, by John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson [Paperback]
In the year 2012, Valkerie Jansen, a young microbial ecologist, is presented with an amazing opportunity to continue her research as a member of the N...

Shade, by John B. Olson [Paperback]
"You will not fear the terror of the night." —Psalm 91

A monstrous waking nightmare is pursuing graduate student Hailey Maniates across San Francis...

Eternity Falls, by Kirk Outerbridge [Paperback]
Rick Macey is former military, and he's got the bionic enhancements to show for it. Now he's a detective specializing in religious counter-terrorism. ...

The Tenth Crusader, by Kirk Outerbridge [Paperback]
Thirty years of unrequited revenge stuffed into the body of a high-powered combat cyborg. The Philippines of the future is a dangerous place. A countr...

Auralia's Colors, by Jeffrey Overstreet [Paperback]
Two thieves find an abandoned child in the woods, lying in a footprint made by an unknown creature. Cloaked in mystery, the girl calling herself Aural...

Cyndere's Midnight, by Jeffrey Overstreet [Paperback]
When a bloodthirsty beastman discovers Auralia’s colors, his conscience awakens. When the heiress of a powerful kingdom risks everything to help him, ...

Exile, by Kevin R. Paglia [Paperback]
Mathias wanted nothing more than to live his life as an anonymous traveler trading his piloting skills for passage to the edges of explored space. Wan...

God's Assassins: The Dead Have No Fear of Dying, by Mark Paradise [Paperback]
An eight-hundred-year-old prophecy, an ancient order of warrior monks, a priceless relic and a killer; these are all that stand between the Earth and ...

The Golden Child of Slaine, by Mark Paradise [Paperback]
The Planet Slaine lies in the insidious grip of the Worm, a creature of ancient and sinister origin. Its only desire is to prevent the birth of the my...

Xuvion : the Story of Aman, by Joshua Park [Hardcover]
If you ever wondered what would happen if a wizard encountered a prophet or if a prophet encountered a wizard, this book is for you. Set in a land cal...

The Deepest Darkness, by John Stamos Parrish [Paperback]
In the final decades of the 21st century, mankind has colonized the Moon and Mars and has created a "technological" tower of Babel. But then, without ...
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