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By Karen Hancock
See the author's web site at http://www.kmhancock.com/

The Enclave, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
When Lacey McHenry accepts a prestigious research fellowship at the world-renowned Kendell-Jakes Longevity Institute, she sees it as a new start on li...

Return of the Guardian-King, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
Believed dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mount...

Shadow Over Kiriath, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
After months of conflict and opposition, Abramm Kalladorne has finally stepped into his destiny as king of Kiriath--only to find himself facing more p...

The Shadow Within, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
Four years have passed since the conclusion of The Light of Eidon. Abramm has been living peacefully abroad, but when he hears of trouble in his homel...

The Light of Eidon, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
Eldrin has devoted the last eight years of his life toward making himself worthy to touch and tend the Sacred Flames of Eidon, and he expects to be bl...

Arena, by Karen Hancock [Paperback]
Callie Hayes is living a life of fear and disillusionment when she volunteers for a psychology experiment that promises to turn her life around. As he...

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