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By John B. Olson
See the author's web site at http://www.litany.com

Shade, by John B. Olson [Paperback]
"You will not fear the terror of the night." —Psalm 91

A monstrous waking nightmare is pursuing graduate student Hailey Maniates across San Francis...

Eat My Martian Dust, by Sigmund Brouwer, Robert Elmer, Kathy Tyers, Randall Ingermanson, Shane Johnson, John B. Olson [Hardcover]
The universe is full of wonders. This book takes young readers on a tour to show that God is the creator of it all--and his promises hold true beyond ...

Adrenaline, by John B. Olson [Paperback]
James Parker is searching frantically for a cure for muscular dystrophy. Though he is a brilliant biochemistry student with a promising career ahead, ...

The Fifth Man, by John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson [Paperback]
Valkerie Jansen has made the discovery of a lifetime—evidence of past life on Mars. But her personal life is coming unglued. Fellow astronaut Bob Kaga...

Oxygen, by John B. Olson, Randall Ingermanson [Paperback]
In the year 2012, Valkerie Jansen, a young microbial ecologist, is presented with an amazing opportunity to continue her research as a member of the N...

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