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The Great Galaxy Goof, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
Welcome to 2175! Meet the AstroKids - Buzz, Miko, Mir, DeeBee, and Tag - five friends learning Biblical truths aboard space station CLEO-7.

New to th...

The Zero-G Headache, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
All the kids are excited when news reaches them that Zero-G, the hottest band in the solar system, is coming to their space station. But when the band...

Wired Wonder Woof, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
The kids learn to look past first impressions and physical appearances. When a slick-looking space entertainer visits CLEO-7, the AstroKids wonder why...

Miko's Muzzy Mess, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
Miko unleashes a problem on the space station when she feeds a cute hybrid creature called a “muzzy” some chocolate. Things get out of hand when the m...

About-Face Space Race, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
It's time for the spacepod race and the ASTROKIDS are determined to win. Boys against girls sounded like such a good idea - and each side was convince...

The Cosmic Camp Caper, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
“I was psyched! The AstroKids were going to Camp Little Dipper on Jupiter’s moon Io. Three weeks of moon sports, crater walks, and cookouts. Sounds pe...

The Super-Duper Blooper, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
The Super-Duper Blooper Interstellar producer Neta Newton has asked DeeBee to host a show. True, she has to change her name; plus it would be better i...

Astroball Free-4-All, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
After his dad pulls a few strings, Mir is named captain of the CLEO-7 AstroBall team. There's only one problem: he's never played the game before. Wit...

Mid-Air Zillionaire, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
Will an Inheritance Turn Miko Into a New Person?

“When I ran away from the Apollo Children’s Home, I hoped they’d never find me. Still, I didn’t coun...

Tow-Away Stowaway, by Robert Elmer [Paperback]
Tag is sick of tagging along, so he hops his sister's space scooter and heads to the nearest spaceship, only to find himself trapped on a vessel where...

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