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Cyberquest: The Complete Virtual Adventure, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
The year is 2096 A. D….following the Great Water Wars, the Earth is a hostile place and Christianity has been outlawed. Two classes of people have eme...

Raising Dragons, by Bryan Davis [Paperback]
The kids at school call Billy “Dragon Breath” for good reason. His breath is bad! It isn’t the normal, morning-mouth bad; it’s the hot-as-fire, "don’t...

Battle Before Time, by Jim Denney [Paperback]
Young inventor Max McCrane has transformed an old Volkswagen Beetle into a computerized time machine. His first adventure takes him and three friends ...

Doorway to Doom, by Jim Denney [Paperback]
Max, Allie, Grady, and Toby take another journey into the past—this time to a medieval kingdom during a time of war. They are captured by King Wyvern ...

Invasion of the Time Troopers, by Jim Denney [Paperback]
When Max is hijacked 50 years into the future, his friends try to rescue him—only to be chased by Time Troopers through the far future and Wild West p...

Lost in Cydonia, by Jim Denney [Paperback]
An unplanned trip to Mars brings Max, Grady, Toby, Allie and her dad face-to-face with the Timelings. In Cydonia on the “Face of Mars,” there is no pa...

Choke Hold: They Must Not Surrender to Fear's Grip, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
A silly evening of spooky stories turns into a heart-pounding adventure where Matt and his friends discover how fear puts a choke hold on their lives....

Dangerous Encounters: Tangled Truths & Twisted Tales--Exposed!, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
At first, Matt and his friends just think Lamar isn’t ready for his mother to start dating again. But constant unease is proven dead-on when the boys ...

Double-Take: Things Are Not What They Seem, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
The CoolQuad are back and the “QoolQuad Honor Code” is put to the test when Matt and his friends uncover a mysterious secret about Matt’s nemesis, Hul...

Explosive Secrets: Not Everything Lost Is Meant To Be Found, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
Time reveals all things.

The adventure continues when the QoolQuad heads for the great outdoors on a father-son retreat in the wilderness. The boys...

Hot Pursuit: Steer Clear of "Golden" Opportunities, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
“… the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil …”

When gold is found in the basement of the Zarzas' house, everyone’s interest is suddenly p...

Power Play: Beware of Broken Promises, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
Conflict threatens to divide the QoolQuad and all because of a girl. After Matt risks his reputation to ask Isabel to the winter banquet, the rest of ...

Reality Shift: They Changed the Future, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
Thirteen-year-old Matt Calahan is suddenly tangled in a web of mystery, after he receives his dream gift—his very own laptop computer. However, it’s n...

Shut Down: True Courage Reveals the Laptop's Truth, by Christopher P. N. Maselli [Paperback]
Matt and his friends finally uncover the mysterious truth behind the laptop—and those who created it. When the awful truth is revealed, Sam is capture...

The Ice at the End of the World : The Longest Journey, by Robert Siegel [Paperback]
In this conclusion to The Whalesong Trilogy, Hralekana the white whale leads his starving companions on a dangerous odyssey for food. Later, he faces ...

Whalesong, by Robert Siegel [Paperback]
In this ecological fable, Hruna the humpback whale finds mystery and danger as well as love and spiritual awakening in the waters of the world. After ...

White Whale, by Robert Siegel [Paperback]
Hralekana, son of Hruna, embarks on his first journey into the open sea, a yearling's rite of passage. Along the way, he finds danger from oil spills ...

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