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Small press, out-of-print and self-published titles you're not likely to find on the shelf at your local bookstore.

The Land of Far Beyond, by Enid Blyton, John Bunyan [Hardcover]
This retelling of "Pilgrim's Progress" opens in the City of Turmoil, where Peter, Anna and Patience live. It is a great noisy, dirty place where all a...

The Downs, by William D. Burt, Terri Lahr, Rebecca J. Burt [Paperback]
Do you believe in fairies? Timothy and Gwynneth don't until they visit a faraway world where Gaelathane is unknown and newcomers are regarded with su...

The Greenstones, by William D. Burt, Terri Lahr, Rebecca J. Burt [Paperback]
Merryn, the ailing daughter of Beechtown's brewmaster, is betrayed by her own kin after her father mysteriously disappears up the River Foamwater. Sol...

Myleah's Mirrors, by William D. Burt, Terri Lahr, Rebecca J. Burt [Paperback]
Welcome to Cellis, a world largely untouched by the wars and dragon raids that have ruined so many other torsil lands.

Deep in Cellis's Mengyll Mo...

Brill and the Puffire Volcano, by Peggy Downing, Anne Feiza [Paperback]
The sixth volume in the Exitorn Adventures series....

Brill and the Zinders, by Peggy Downing, Anne Feiza [Paperback]
The fourth volume in the Exitorn Adventures series....

Brill of Exitorn, by Peggy Downing, Sherry Neidigh [Paperback]
"Out of all the thousands of boys in the Empire, a boy from your school has been chosen for a high position in our government. You are summoned to rep...

The Lost Prince, by Peggy Downing, Sherry Neidigh [Paperback]
As they set out on a dangerous journey, Segra (to find her parents) and Brill (to search for the lost prince of Exitorn), the two friends are helped i...

Segra and the Magician, by Peggy Downing [Paperback]
The fifth volume in the Exitorn Adventures series....

Segra in the Diamond Castle, by Peggy Downing, Anne Feiza [Paperback]
The third volume in the Exitorn Adventures series....

Shatterworld, by Leila Rose Foreman, Linda Oatman High [Hardcover]
A thousand light-years from Earth, a small Christian colony's struggle to survive after escaping the threat of global war. Their new home is a hospita...

An Sword and the Flute, by Mike Hamel [Paperback]
A sad thing happens to most people.

They grow up and turn into adults.

This wouldn't be so bad, except that as their bodies get bigger, their mi...

Talis Hunters, by Mike Hamel [Paperback]
The "holey" illusion made Matt think of the black holes Uncle Al often talked about. Some physicists thought these might be wormholes in space through...

The Dragon Child: Book Three of the Redaemian Chronicles, by Bill Hand [Paperback]
Favorably compared with the works of Lewis and Tolkien, The Dragon Child opens with a runaway boy named Tekel befriending the last of the free dragons...

Dream Voyager, by Thomas Locke [Paperback]
After tangling with pirates in space, Consuela awakes in a hospital on the world Avanti, where her beloved Scout friend Wander stands accused of being...

Heart Chaser, by Thomas Locke [Paperback]
In this final volume in The Spectrum Chronicles, Thomas Locke offers another science fiction tale with a spiritual message that spans two worlds.


Light Weaver, by Thomas Locke [Paperback]
After an accident in a snowstorm, eighteen-year-old Dan Simmons finds himself in a strange world, the Borderlands. It is a land of untold beauty where...

Path Finder, by Thomas Locke [Paperback]
Consuela's attempt to rescue her friend Wander, who is being held hostage, takes her on a secret mission on a renegade spaceship....

The Journey, by Laura Lond [Paperback]
His father killed in war before he was three, and his mother unexpectedly dying when he was eight, Jecosan Tarres is young and poor, yet he has someth...

Tales of the Kingdom, by David Mains, Karen Mains [Paperback]
Before she died, Scarboy's mother told him the ancient tales from her childhood. She insisted that a King once ruled over their city. But the evil Enc...
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