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Mars Diaires

Oxygen Level Zero, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
Set in 2039, the "Mars Diaries" series feature 14-year-old Tyce Sanders, the only child who's ever been born on Mars. Tyce is confined to a wheelchair...

Alien Pursuit, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
Someone is found unconscious in the plant lab. Worse, it looks like teeth and claws have ripped his space suit. It's clear someone-or something-chased...

Time Bomb, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
When a quake triggers the appearance of some strange black boxes on the Martian landscape, Tyce and others journey across the Martian plain. As Tyce a...

Hammerhead, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
A comet is heading toward Mars. Only one thing can break up the comet before it does damage: the new Hammerhead torpedo. Tyce Sanders only has two wee...

Sole Survivor, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
When Tyce's best friend, Director Rawling McTigre, and three other scientists are buried alive on Mars, Tyce doesn't think things can get any worse. H...

Moon Racer, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
A devious plot threatens to overtake the spaceship Moon Racer as Tyce, Ashley, and the crew near the end of their six-month journey from Mars to Earth...

Countdown, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
A military prison in the wild Florida Everglades holds Tyce, his dad, and Ashley hostage. With only six days left to rescue the kids at the secret Ins...

Robot War, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
A Secret Institute holds 23 kids prisoner, an evil part of the Terrataker's plot to take over the world. Their first target is the Governors' Summit i...

Manchurian Sector, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
When a nuclear reactor threatens to blow, Tyce must reveal his special talents to the world--that he can control a robot through virtual reality. Now ...

Last Stand, by Sigmund Brouwer [Paperback]
A Manchurian fleet threatens to overtake the entire planet as soon as Tyce and Ashley arrive back on Mars. Contact with Earth has been lost--the dome ...

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