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Seven Sleepers

The Flight of the Eagles, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Fifteen-year-old Josh Adams wakes from a 50-year sleep to find that he has escaped nuclear war--and that the genetically altered races of Earth now ha...

The Gates of Neptune, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Continues the adventures of Josh and the adventurous seven as they battle terrifying creatures and evil Lord Necros to save the lost city of Atlantis....

The Sword of Camelot, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Spirited to an exact replica of the Kingdom of Camelot, Bob Lee Jackson, "Reb" to his friends, finds himself a player in a frightening game. The Dark ...

The Caves That Time Forgot, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Caves of Mondar is a world unlike anything the Seven Sleepers have ever encountered. In the face of dangerous enemies, the group is called to free...

Winged Riders of the Desert, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Under the control of the Dark Lord, the Winged Ones capture the Sleepers and try to force them to join air raids of the Desert People. The Sleepers' o...

Empress of the Underworld, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Seven Sleepers are off on another assingment for Goel, their spiritual leader. Well, most of them are. But not Abbey. Not this time.

How can she ...

Voyage of the Dolphin, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Itís relaxation time, and the Seven Sleepers are vacationing on an ocean-going ship. Almost before they can sort out whatís happening, Josh, Sarah, an...

Attack of the Amazons, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
How would the Sleepers rescue this beautiful woman, helpless against her foes, tied to a tree and facing certain death? After a successful ambush, the...

Escape With the Dream Maker, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
"Find my servants and bring them back, but be careful. You might be the next to disappear". With only a list and a secret password, Goel sends the sev...

The Final Kingdom, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Seven Sleepers find themselves preparing for their last mission before the great, final battle with the Dark Lord. Unbeknownst to them, however, a...

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