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Daystar Voyages

Secret of the Planet Makon, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]

Jerusha Ericson’s got a problem. She’s a strong, self-confident, and capable ensign at the Intergalactic Academy. Or at least she was, unt...

Wizards of the Galaxy, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Six Junior Space Rangers think they can crush their enemy with human force. However, they wake up to the truth that their battle is a spiritual one an...

Escape from the Red Comet, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Jerusha, Raina, Mei-Lani, Ringo, Heck, and Dai help Captain Edge solve the mystery of the comet that threatens their spaceship, learning along the way...

Dark Spell over Morlandria, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
When the Daystar Space Rangers take off to distant Morlandria, not even the captain knows that their secret assignment will involve a struggle between...

Revenge of the Space Pirate, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Zaria’s Escaped!

The Queen of Darkness has gotten away from her captors and has taken over the star ship of two young Space Academy cadets. Karl B...

Invasion of the Killer Locusts, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Bugs have invaded Capella!

Capella is under attack. Giant killer locusts have descended on the planet and are destroying everything in their path. T...

Dangers of the Rainbow Nebula, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Captain Edge and the crew of the Daystar are off to save the crew of the Wellington from certain destruction by the gravitron threads of the Rainbow N...

Frozen Space Pilot, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
The Daystar crew discovers an escape pod that was frozen in time. The pilot inside, Galan Knowles, has been frozen for more than 5000 years! But their...

White Dragon of Sharnu, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
Regent Lansur is clearly trying to thwart the coronation of the crown prince of Sharnu. Then the regent throws Daystar’s navigator into the castle dun...

Attack of the Denebian Starship, by Gilbert Morris, Dan Meeks [Paperback]
The Daystar Rangers are in a bind. With their favorite Captain Edge assigned to another ship, they end up with a mean and quite troublesome captain. S...

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