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Home > For Kids > Gilbert Morris > Seven Sleepers : The Lost Chronicles
Seven Sleepers : The Lost Chronicles

The Spell of the Crystal Chair, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Dark Lord has been busy, and once again Goel is sending the Seven Sleepers to spoil his plans. This time Josh and his friends are off to Whiteland...

The Savage Game of Lord Zarak, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Seven Sleepers must confront an evil king whose sport is to offer the prisoners in his dungeon one chance at freedom by escaping past his savage h...

The Strange Creatures of Dr. Korbo, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Seven Sleepers have seen their share of strange animals in Nuworld. But Josh and his friends have never seen anything like the animals in Dr. Korb...

City of the Cyborgs, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
Although the Seven Sleepers donít know anything about cyborgs, they agree to help their new friend Rainor rescue his sweetheart from them. But the cit...

The Temptations of Pleasure Island, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Seven Sleepers get to take a much-needed vacation. Traveling to a place called Pleasure Island they find a virtual paradise where games and partie...

Victims of Nimbo, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The Cloud People were at one time on good terms with the Earth Dwellers. Yet the leader of the Earth Dwellers has recently come under the influence of...

The Terrible Beast of Zor, by Gilbert Morris [Paperback]
The King of Madria is dying and the armies of Zor have surrounded the kingdom. Some people in the kingdom have even started to follow the Dark Lord. L...

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