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Christian Fantasy : from 1200 to the Present, by Colin N. Manlove [Hardcover]
Christian fantasy is not new. As far back as 1200 there were Grail romances, followed by the works of Dante, Milton, and others. MacDonald, Lewis and ...

Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter, by Connie Neal, Dennis Rainey, Kurt Bruner, Mark Whitlock [Paperback]
Words like Muggle, Frodo, Hogwarts, and Gandalf are now a part of our culture. Fantasy -- and its big screen counterpart -- is everywhere: the classro...

Real Presence : The Christian Worldview of C. S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality, by Leanne Payne [Paperback]
Drawing on the writings of C.S. Lewis, Payne focuses on Lewis' intense awareness that God indwells his life and transforms it--the incarnational reali...

Simply C. S. Lewis: a Beginner's Guide to the Life and Works of C. S. Lewis, by Thomas C. Peters [Paperback]
This engaging book--the ideal prelude for anyone preparing to read one of C.S. Lewis's many volumes for the first time--offers an excellent introducti...

The C. S. Lewis Readers' Encyclopedia, by Jeffrey D. Schultz, John G. West Jr. [Hardcover]
In one definitive volume, The C. S. Lewis Readers' Encyclopedia addresses all of Lewis's writings as well as the major themes of his work and life. Th...

The Gospel Reloaded, by Chris Seay, Greg Garrett [Paperback]
Explores the Matrix films, studying the characters and metaphors for their hidden meaning. The authors show how these movies--with their themes of reb...

Tolkien's Ordinary Virtues, by Mark Eddy Smith [Paperback]
Why do so many readers consider The Lord of the Rings to be a Christian trilogy when the basics of the faith are not apparent? It's because Tolkien wa...

Finding God in The Lord of the Rings, by Jim Ware, Kurt Bruner [Hardcover]
In examining the Christian themes in Tolkien's epic trilogy, the authors discover that truth and fiction are not as far apart as they seem. When read ...

God of the Fairy Tale : Finding Truth in the Land of Make-Believe, by Jim Ware [Hardcover]
More than just bedtime traditions, more than simple children’s literature, the most enduring stories are echoes of the greatest of all stories, the Go...

Swashbuckling Faith: Exploring for Treasure with Pirates of the Caribbean, by Tim Wesemann [Paperback]
Pirates, Patches, and Parrots! What unexpected markers do you find along your faith journey, ones that lead you closer to God? In "Swashbuckling Faith...

The Gospel According to Tolkien, by Ralph C. Wood [Paperback]
Readers have repeatedly called The Lord of the Rings the most important book of our age. They keep turning to Tolkien because here, in this magical ki...
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