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The Land of Far Beyond [Hardcover]
by Enid Blyton, John Bunyan

This retelling of "Pilgrim's Progress" opens in the City of Turmoil, where Peter, Anna and Patience live. It is a great noisy, dirty place where all are cruel, greedy and selfish. The children decide to cause mischief that day. Some time later, they see a fascinating stranger -- they've never met someone so beautiful kind. The Wanderer is horrified and disgusted by the evil in the city.

He shows five of the children and five other adults, the `burdens' of dishonesty, deceit and many other things, giving them heavy sacks on their backs that they can't remove. They mustjourney to the City of Happiness in The Land of Far-Beyond to get rid of them.

These ten face difficulties and challenges to get to their destination. They meet people like Mr. Doubt and Laziness who try to discourage them or tempt them. They also meet people like Content and Daring who help them along and get them out of trouble. They learn much along the way (`It is best to face up to your fears', `Fright is less scary when seen in the light of day', and so on) and meet evil dwarves, angels, a cruel giant, etc.

The remaining few who complete the journey and their burdens removed by the Prince of Peace, `who carries the burdens of the whole world'. It is Jesus, and the land they are in, is Heaven.

Element Books Ltd (October 1998). Hardcover. 128 pages.

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of The Land of Far Beyond.

Product Code: 2146
ISBN: 1901881229

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