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Arin's Judgment [Paperback]
by Paul McCusker

"It's the agents! They know about the papers!"

The coal cellar's heavy door squeaks and crashes shut. But when Wade Mullins feverishly works to reopen it, he discovers an entrance to a mysterious world very different from his hope in Odyssey.

Clutching the "secret papers" to his chest, Wade soon finds himself caught in a dangerous struggle for control of this new world. One power-hungry man believes Wade holds the key to conquering the land. But power in the wrong hand could result in disastrous consequences. Whom should Wade trust?

What message does this unlikely bearer bring to the people or Marus? Is it one of hope? Or of destruction? Can Wade save Marus from total annihilation... Or does the powerful and mysterious Unseen One have other plans?

Volume 2 of Adventures in Odyssey Passages

Tommy Nelson (September 1999). Trade paperback. 208 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.aiohq.com/people/pm.htm

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Arin's Judgment.

Product Code: 1426
ISBN: 156179774X

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