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Draven's Defiance [Paperback]
by Paul McCusker

Dazed and bewildered after being knocked unconscious, Oddysey newcomer Scott Graham emerges from a railroad tunnel. With his head still throbbing, Scott turns to go home, only to discover that his friends and familiar surroundings have mysteriously disappeared - along with the entire town of Odyssey!

Scott now finds himself in a land where a cruel king and his corrupt wife have destroyed the nation's legacy of faith and hope. Under the guidance of a bold prophet with reckless courage, Soctt is swept up in a dangerous struggle for the people's loyalty.

Searching to find his place in this uncertain world, Scott must make the biggest decision of his entire life. Filled with unanswered questions, would he take a risky, unpopular stand? What if it costs him his life? What could be lost if he simply walks away?

Volume 5 of Adventures in Odyssey Passages

Tommy Nelson (September 1999). Trade paperback. 208 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.aiohq.com/people/pm.htm

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Draven's Defiance.

Product Code: 1429
ISBN: 1561798444

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