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The Bloodstone Chronicles : A Journey of Faith [Hardcover]
by Bill Myers

Through the mysterious Bloodstone, which symbolizes God’s great love for mankind, three children are whisked into strange and wondrous worlds. Soon they are visiting places like the Sea of Mirrors where they are nearly crushed by the weight of their sins, or the Menagerie whose prisoners are doomed to live in pure selfishness, or Biiq where one doubting child is allowed to experience the same deep and unfathomable love that Jesus Christ has for us.

With the help of intriguing characters like Aristophenix - the world’s worst poet, Listro Q - a tall, purple dude with dyslectic speech, and Weaver - who weaves God’s plans into each of our Life Tapestries, the children learn the powers and secrets of living as citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Zondervan (May 2003). Hardcover. 432 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.billmyers.com

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Edenstar Review:
First off, The Bloodstone Chronicles by Bill Myers looks like one book but it’s really four. Previously published as four separate books in the Journeys to Fayrah series, The Bloodstone Chronicles details the adventures of three middle-school children who travel between dimensions through the use of an unusual red stone. Their travel guides from Fayrah include Aristophenix, a roly-poly bear with poetic aspirations; Listro Q, a “tall, purple dude” with scrambled speech; and Samson, a valiant insect with a small voice and big ideas.

In book one, The Portal, Nathan learns the danger of a selfish attitude when the evil Bobok ensnares him in the Menagerie. In book two, The Experiment, Denise uses a special Machine to create tiny beings in her image, and then learns of God’s great love for her when she seeks a relationship with them. In book three, The Whirlwind, the popularity-seeking Josh lands in a trap of striving for perfection, and all three children must be “re-Breathed” (a picture of salvation) to rescue him. In book four, The Tablet, Denise finds a stone tablet with incredible powers, but she soon discovers that running the world her way instead of God’s way yields disastrous results.

The Bloodstone Chronicles offers imaginative descriptions and laugh-out-loud humor. Through creative use of symbolism, the stories illustrate some fairly deep concepts, such as the believer’s new identity in Christ, in a fun and understandable way. The fantasy setting permits a fresh expression of the Gospel symbolically, without religious jargon. For the reader who has heard all the Sunday-school lessons already, these stories may help to bridge the gap between intellectual learning and an understanding of the truth in one’s heart. The Bloodstone Chronicles seeks to educate readers while entertaining, and it does so admirably.

But the accomplishment of this educational goal does not come without expense. Make no mistake, this is not a character-driven novel, or a plot-driven adventure; this is a consciously message-driven set of stories. As such the messages sometimes hit the reader over the head and say “Get it?” The unsubtle approach lays it open to the charge leveled at much of Christian fiction, that of being didactic. And for that reason The Bloodstone Chronicles may not be the sort of book that kids fondly return to year after year.

The concept of kids having adventures in another world naturally leads to comparisons to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, a leap that publisher marketing encourages. Readers looking for a modern Narnia will be disappointed by the book’s less-than-subtle approach. But as a tool for educators The Bloodstone Chronicles has much to offer.

Recommended for educational use.

Also available: The Bloodstone Chronicles fully dramatized on audio CD.

Reviewed September 11, 2003 for Edenstar by Cheryl Bader.

Product Code: 1471
ISBN: 0310246849

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