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Shivering World [Paperback]
by Kathy Tyers

Dr. Graysha Brady-Phillips is suffering from a genetic disease that causes weakness and early death. When she is offered a position on planet Goddard, where the average life span exceeds 150 years, she leaps at the chance. The colonists' radical--and illegal--science just might be her only hope for a cure. Graysha must convince a group of paranoid rebel scientists to trust the daughter of their worst enemy, her mother.

Kathy Tyers has rewritten this novel to deal more clearly with issues of faith.

Bethany House (March 2004). Trade paperback. 304 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.kathytyers.com/

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Edenstar Review:
I suppose it's appropriate to review Kathy Tyers' Shivering World on one of the coldest days of the year here in Minnesota. With the thermometer outside my window reading 14 degrees below zero, I'm glad I'm not outside - or on the planet Goddard, the setting for the new (March 2004) science fiction novel from Bethany House.

Goddard is a planet in transition. In the year 2134, it is humanity's newest habitable world, a frontier world where 15,000 Lwuite colonists dream of Buyout: the day they will no longer owe or depend on the Gaea Terraforming Consortium for its scientific and technical services in making Goddard habitable. Though Gaea's efforts have warmed the planet to a level roughly equivalent to a Minnesota winter, recent cooling trends alarm the colonists - and the experts at Gaea aren't talking.

Enter Dr. Graysha Brady-Phillips, the new soils specialist for Gaea. Though the triple pay of frontier wages initially attracts her to the position, she harbors a secret hope that the medico-religious Lwuite sect may provide a treatment for the genetic defect she carries. The highly illegal treatment is the last hope for the young woman, whose life expectancy is half that of her co-workers.

But the colonists are a secretive group, already suspicious of Graysha because of her famous mother. Novia Brady-Phillips is the head of the Eugenics Board, the agency that enforces the ban on human genetic manipulation by forced sterilization and irradiation of genetically altered "non-humans." Whatever the colonists may be hiding, Novia is the last person they would want to find out.

Layer upon layer of intrigue unfolds in this well-paced novel. Graysha's attempts to involve herself in Lwuite society, in contrast to the aloofness of her scientific Gaea peers, only make the colonists more suspicious. When she brings their concerns about the cooling trend to her co-workers, their stonewalling response turns to threats and warnings against researching the matter.

Graysha finds herself drawn to the leader of the colonists, the boyish-looking Lindon DalLierx. To the horror of the colony's chief of security, Lindon invites Graysha to a religious service. His Christian faith disappoints Graysha, as she interprets it as just another expression of the self-righteous, controlling religion that has driven a wedge between Graysha and her mother. Lindon risks the security and the scorn of his people when he places a higher value on Graysha's eternal destiny than the potential threat posed by her mother.

Author Kathy Tyers has done an outstanding job of attending to the details of world-building in this novel. In a world where wood is scarce, desks and beds are made of concrete. Though the science involved in terraforming and in the cooling trend does get a bit heavy, Tyers handles it well by providing Graysha with a student in her lab, the troubled teenage stowaway who arrived on the shuttle with her. For those who enjoy hard science fiction, Shivering World is an excellent addition to the literature.

But be warned: If you're the sort who abhors mixing hard science fiction with a romantic subplot, this is not the novel for you. I'm not, and I loved it.

With page-turning intrigue, complex characters, spiritual depth - and a dash of romance - all set against a backdrop of transformation on a planetary scale, Shivering World works on many levels. Kudos to Kathy Tyers and the Bethany House team for raising the bar in Christian science fiction, again. I'll be looking for this one among the Christy award finalists next year. Highly recommended.

Now, how about a cup of hot cocoa?

Reviewed January 30, 2004 for Edenstar by Cheryl Bader.

Product Code: 1660
ISBN: 0764226762

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