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Dark Moon [Paperback]
by Alton Gansky

Woven from the twin strands of faith and science . . . a spellbinding novel of heavenly portents, earthly realities, and the best and worst of the human heart.

At first Marcus Stiller thought his telescope was playing tricks on him. It wasn’t. And now, two of the nation’s top astronomers have confirmed his discovery before the national media. A dark red spot has appeared on the lunar surface—a spot no one can explain. And it’s growing.

Julie Waal’s screams will only earn her another injection of sedative. But she can’t help screaming. And she can’t fight the terrifying visions that come, unbidden, when the Moon shines through the window of her locked room.

As tensions build in a world transfixed by Stiller’s Enigma—the blood-red blemish slowly tainting the Moon’s silver face, inspiring both political and prophetic speculation—a private drama unfolds that will sweep Stiller, his wife, Lucy, and Julie together into a horrifying encounter in which sanity and life itself are the prize.

Zondervan (July 2002). Trade paperback. 352 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.altongansky.com/

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Dark Moon.

Product Code: 1170
ISBN: 0310235588

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