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Talis Hunters [Paperback]
by Mike Hamel

The "holey" illusion made Matt think of the black holes Uncle Al often talked about. Some physicists thought these might be wormholes in space through which matter could travel to distant parts of the universe, or even to other universes. Matt's heart splashed in his chest at the mystery of it all. Of course this couldn't be a real black hole because the pull of its gravity would have swallowed him, the school, and the whole town without so much as a burp.

Slow down, he told himself. Just slow down. This is probably one of those 3-D pictures that trick the viewer, nothing more.

But what really crimped Matt's cranium was the second, smaller hole near the bottom corner of the right-hand page. It looked like a digital COM port. He'd seen plenty of these before on computers and telephones, but never in a book.

Just then the large hole started whirring. The blackness rotated counter clockwise, faster and faster. The sound reminded Matt of a computer booting up. Next came the hardware handshaking screech of connecting modems.

Matt felt a slight draft, as if a window had been opened. His senses must be playing tricks on him. What he was seeing and hearing and feeling couldn't possibly be happening. But he had to make sure…

As his outstretched hand passed over the COM port on its way to touching the black circle, Matt heard a sucking sound as his fingers were yanked downward. He stared in horror as they disappeared into the tiny opening, followed by his arm.

Matt felt like a lump of dough being pulled through a pasta maker into molecule-thin spaghetti. There was no pain, just a fizzing sensation as his body dissolved...

Endorsed by Focus on the Family as "a wholesome, Christian alternative to Harry Potter."

Volume 2 of Matterhorn the Brave

Living Ink Books (March 2007). Trade paperback. 182 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.matterhornthebrave.com/

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Talis Hunters.

Product Code: 1185
ISBN: 0899578349

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