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Time Lottery [Paperback]
by Nancy Moser

What if you had a chance to go back in time and relive one decisive moment that changed the course of your life? Now, there is a way: The Time Lottery. The result of 22 years of scientific research, it's finally ready for the public. Three winners of this unique marriage between marketing and time-travel technology earn the chance to travel back into their alternate reality-their Alternity-to relive one moment they've always wished they could change.

But when one man murders a Time Lottery winner then takes his place, another tries to collect life insurance on his wife who's now in the past, and the police clamor to shut down the whole enterprise, it's time for God to get involved. Or maybe He's been in on this whole thing from the beginning, using it for His own redemptive purposes all along the way...

2003 Christy Awards winner (futuristic).

Promise Press (August 2002). Trade paperback. 383 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.nancymoser.com/

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Edenstar Review:
The premise is intriguing. Three people have won an unusual lottery. A new scientific breakthrough will allow them to try something many folks dream of - go back into one point in their past and make a different choice. The author deals efficiently with plausibility issues, developing the scientific experiment as a way to produce "alternity," but only in the mind and memory of the participant. They can't affect the time stream of the rest of the world in this reality.

Cheryl, Phoebe, and Leon all have different degrees of questions or regrets about their lives. We learn enough about them before they enter the past, to become deeply involved in their choices. Ms. Moser is profoundly gifted at painting vivid three-dimensional characters with an economy of words.

As if the set-up wasn't exciting enough, one of the winners is an imposter, escaping a dire "present" by running to the past. Mac, the P.R. director of the Time Lottery has his own driving reasons to long for a chance to go back and change the past. He is working hard to promote the program, knowing that he will have an opportunity next.

Adding to the mind-bending adventure, the author allows brief threads of the three lives to intersect at key moments in their history.

When I approached the book, I wasn't sure if it would be a dreary examination of remorse and regret, or a sweet variation of "It's a Wonderful Life." Instead I found a challenging look at the choices of life, the way temptation works, and the good news that we can be a part of letting God change our lives for the better - at each crossroad we face. Her recurring theme of "don't cooperate with the world" develops by the last chapter into a call to "cooperate with God."

Each time-traveler is faced with the choice of whether to remain in their revised past, allowing their body in the present to die…or to return to the present with the new knowledge they've gained from their experiences. Because of the complexity of issues involved, we aren't able to predict those choices, making this book a terrific page-turner.

Because I found each character's struggles and choices so compelling, I felt frustrated when I was deeply into their experience and turned the page to find a jump to a different character's story. However, the frequent point of view changes were probably necessary to keep all the balls in the air at once in this elegantly juggled plot.

Tight, clean writing and powerful story lines make this a fun and thought-provoking novel that I enthusiastically recommend.

Reviewed October 1, 2003 for Edenstar by Sharon Hinck.

Product Code: 1465
ISBN: 1586605879

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