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Shadowmancer [Hardcover]
by G. P. Taylor

Obadiah Demurral no longer wants to worship God...He wants to be God!

Vicar Demurral isn't satisfied running the affairs of his village - he foolishly wants to control the world. And if his plan works, he will obtain a weapon so powerful that all of creation will fall down at his feet. Demurral will stop at nothing - even commanding restless souls to do his bidding.

Who will stand against him? Raphah, a young man on a godly mission, has come a long distance to reclaim the ancient relic Demurral has stolen - dangerously volatile in the wrong hands - but he can't do it alone. Even younger are Thomas and Kate, accidentally drawn into this ongoing war between good and evil. Their struggle against Demurral brings them face-to-face with the powers of darkness in this epic battle.

Sequel: Wormwood.

Ages 12 and up.

Charisma House (April 2004). Hardcover. 280 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.shadowmancer.com

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Edenstar Review:
Vicar Obadiah Demurral is up to no good. Not satisfied with stealing from the villagers in rents and tithes, his greed and lust for power drive him to purchase a stolen artifact called the Keruvim. With the power of the Keruvim under his control, Demurral believes God will be deposed and Demurral will take His place.

But the African family pledged to guard the Keruvim isn’t giving up that easily. A boy named Raphah arrives in the 18th-century English fishing village to retrieve the Keruvim. He enlists the aid of a spirited homeless boy named Thomas and his friend, Kate, who have reasons of their own to oppose Demurral. What follows is a series of search-and-rescue missions laced with supernatural monsters, double-crossing smugglers and glimpses of the divine.

The publication of Shadowmancer in the United States generated much publicity. Author G.P. Taylor, an English vicar himself, recently completed a promotional tour in the U.S. While publicists hail the book as “Hotter than Potter, the Christian answer to Harry Potter,” Shadowmancer unfortunately falls short of these claims. Problems with pacing, character motivation, and not-very-believable plot developments marred the story. For example, Thomas and Kate are running for their lives from supernatural creatures called the Varrigal when they decide to stop and take a nap in the woods. Odd shifts in point of view also hindered the story.

Though characterization and plot left much to be desired, author Taylor conveyed the setting well. Strong imagery evoked the sense of a fishing village dominated by darkness. Thematically Shadowmancer succeeds in driving home the point that people involved in the occult think they are using power, when it is they who are being used.

As a first novel, Shadowmancer is a fine effort. The quality of writing, however, does not bear up to comparisons with Harry Potter novels, and such comparisons do a disservice to readers. If the Christian community insists on producing a “Christian answer to Harry Potter” - a debatable goal at best - we would do well to seek a novel of greater literary quality.

Reviewed June 13, 2004 for Edenstar by Cheryl Bader.

Product Code: 1735
ISBN: 1591856132

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