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The Downs [Paperback]
by William D. Burt, Terri Lahr, Rebecca J. Burt

Do you believe in fairies? Timothy and Gwynneth don't until they visit a faraway world where Gaelathane is unknown and newcomers are regarded with suspicion. Here they find the Downs, a peaceful stretch of grassy, rolling hills that was once heavily wooded - and where people are rumored to mysteriously disappear.

The only clue to this ancient puzzle lies in the dark green, grassy rings which appear on the Downs during the rainy season. When the lot falls to Gwynneth and Timothy for the honor of carrying out the local villagers' bizarre ritual sacrifices to appease the wrathful gods of the Downs, they become victims themselves.

In discovering who - and what - is behind the disappearances, they unleash a deadly evil capable of terrorizing and destroying not only Lucambra, but every torsil world Gaelathane has ever created.

Volume 5 of An King of the Trees

WinePress Publishing (July 2005). Trade paperback. 224 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.greencloaks.com/

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of The Downs.

Product Code: 1961
ISBN: 1579217974

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