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Myleah's Mirrors [Paperback]
by William D. Burt, Terri Lahr, Rebecca J. Burt

Welcome to Cellis, a world largely untouched by the wars and dragon raids that have ruined so many other torsil lands.

Deep in Cellis's Mengyll Mountains lies a sleepy village where people prefer to keep to themselves. Myleah's father, Branagan, is one of them. He taps maple trees to make syrup as a living.

However, beneath the village's placid facade festers a terrible secret that no one wishes to discuss. In bygone years, lads and lasses used to vanish at odd times, even while sleeping in their beds. They were never seen afterward.

While nothing of the sort has disturbed Myleah's village for quite some time, everything changes one spring when Myleah makes a curious discovery in the sugar bush. Unwittingly, she opens a door which cannot be easily shut again and rekindles an ancient rebellion. The key to quelling the uprising before it spreads beyond Cellis lies in Myleah's mirrors.

Volume 6 of An King of the Trees

WinePress Publishing (April 2007). Trade paperback. 256 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.greencloaks.com/

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Myleah's Mirrors.

Product Code: 1962
ISBN: 1579219039

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