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Power of the Night [Paperback]
by Chris Walley

With the destruction of the Gate that linked it to the rest of the Assembly, the world of Farholme must face just isolation to face. There is something in the north — something evil — that challenges and corrupts all the Assembly stands for.

As the influence of this mysterious and threatening presence grows, Merral D’Avanos and his friends are entrusted with the daunting task of finding, and confronting, their world’s elusive enemy. It is a race against time as evil spreads like a plague across Farholme.

When the Intruders are found, it falls to Merral to lead the untried forces of Farholme into conflict. Four hundred generations have passed since the Assembly last fought a battle, much less a war. Now Merral and his allies face opponents who are well hidden and armed with strange powers. Yet as he faces extraordinary and terrifying foes, Merral finds that he has an unexpected enemy—himself.

Volume 2 of The Lamb Among the Stars

Tyndale House Publishers (August 2004). Trade paperback. 409 pages.

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Power of the Night.

Product Code: 1974
ISBN: 1414300689

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